God Is Everywhere!

Church Growth Projection

Current church membership is 150. Through our many community outreach programs, we anticipate to grow the membership over the next five years. We currently give out free bibles and tracts to 150 to 200 people per month. At this rate, we expect to reach over 5000 people through our street evangelism program.

We reach out to the homeless, drug addicts, people from broken homes, teenagers and many other inactive Christians – they have backsliden and have stopped going to church on a regular basis. We also plan on setting up prayer booths in a number of places in the community to reach out to those who need to be prayed for.


The church would like to start a soup kitchen where the homeless and those less able to afford can come to. We also intend to offer free blankets to any homeless person that drops by during the winter months.

Persons from broken homes

We hope to offer free counseling to persons from broken homes and help them to begin a new life by surrendering themselves to the Lord.


Various counseling to teenagers in the community would be offered.

Christians who have backsliden

We would reach out to many Christians, who for one reason or the other, have stopped being active. We hope to offer them an alternative opportunity to draw them closer to the Lord and be born again.