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Bethel Bible Institute

Basic bible study: James 1:2

Bethel Bible Institute Is bringing Oral Roberts University Education to your local church

Bethel Bible Institute has linked up with Oral Roberts University (ORU) School of LifeLong Education to offer a variety of Certificate programs in Bible Studies locally here in Worcester, MA. The following Certificate programs are being offered:

Advanced Certificate of Theology (33 credit hours)
Diploma of Theological Studies (66 credit hours)
19-credit Certificates for Christian Workers, Christian Education, Biblical Studies, General Theological Studies, Christian Caregiving, and Christian Mission

Students completing the program will receive a joint Certificate or Diploma from Oral Roberts University School of LifeLong Education and Bethel Bible Institute

The ORU Schools of LifeLong Education and Theology and Missions provide Certificate and Diploma curriculum, materials, and lecture notes for more than 50 courses prepared by their great faculty and other qualified professionals.

Bethel Bible Institute instructors teach the Certificate and Diploma courses locally here in Worcester, MA.

Completed coursework can receive advanced standing in ORU’s undergraduate degree programs

The Bible Institute Diploma/Certificate program is designed for Christians who desire intensive training in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Ministries. These approaches to ministry training are especially attractive to Pastors, Deacons, Elders, Church Workers and Lay Persons. The training is tailored to involve the laity in the ministries of the church; and to equip and empower those in the church to know and to apply God’s Word.

To register or to receive more information, contact Dr.Pastor Ben Oyekunle, Associate Pastor CLM at :978-609-3179; oyekunle1@gmail.com


Tuition for the 19-Credit General Certificate Course is $1800. The course could be completed by a full-time student (two 3-hour classes per week). Tuition for each 3-credit course is $300 per semester/session. Each semester/session is approximately 12 weeks.


A certificate of completion is given for each completed 3-credit course. A program certificate is provided for completing the 19-Credit General Certificate Course, 33-Credit Advanced Certificate of Theology and 66-Credit Diploma of Theological Studies


Fall Session begins September 3, 2010. Application deadline is 7/15/2010. Winter Session begins January 2011. Application deadline is 11/15/2011. Spring Session begins April 2011. Application deadline is 2/15/2011.

Class Sessions

Mondays: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Fridays: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

To register or to receive more information, contact Dr. Pastor Ben Oyekunle, Associate Pastor CLM at: 978-609-3179; oyekunle1@gmail.com